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Making any investment can be a big decision with a lot of pros and cons to consider but real estate can be an even bigger gamble. With fluctuating markets and other variables drastically impacting the price and your return on investment more and more investors are looking for safer ways to protect their money. Commercial real estate offers numerous amenities and securities that residential options simply don’t have. One of the biggest benefits to commercial real estate are limited liability companies that help protect commercial real estate investors preserve as much of their funds as possible. Let’s take a look at what limited liability protection actually means, why it’s an important part of commercial real estate investing and what makes it such a good fit for first-time investors that are new to the real estate industry.

What Limited Liability Protection Means in Real Estate

As it implies in the title limited liability protection limits the liabilities of investors’ debts and obligations to only their own investment. In the off chance your company is sued then all of your personal assets including bank accounts and real estate are completely protected. When investing in commercial real estate opportunities it’s best to work with an LLC company to better protect your assets and investment.

If you do decide to go with limited liability protection in your commercial real estate investment it is important to follow certain steps to protect yourself and avoid hassle and confusion in the long run.

Benefits of Investing with an LLC

As mentioned above there are numerous benefits to working with an LLC when making a commercial real estate investment and these are just a few of the biggest reasons why.

Reduced Taxing

If you invest in an LLC and decide you’d like to sell your shares of the property to a third party then you will receive a large tax break. Profits are only taxed once in an LLC where they’re taxed twice in a C corporation.

Beneficial Management

LLC’s usually provides a more beneficial management structure that you need to maximize profits. Members can either manage the entity or select a group to handle the responsibilities.

Since protecting and growing your investment is your chief concern with commercial real estate it’s important to find a company with flexible options to help suit your personal needs and preferences. With a reputation for success and over 49 years of industry experience the experts at Landwin are here to help you navigate the tricky world of commercial real estate investing with ease.

Benefits to Choosing Landwin

At Landwin our first priority is preserving your capital. We utilize extensive criteria to evaluate the investment opportunity followed by a 58-point checklist created to find potential problems and challenges with the potential investment. After acquiring properties we work to maintain and improve the value of the new property with renovations or expansion when needed and will always hold the property as long as it is producing the projected and expected returns.

We focus on acquiring small to midsized properties ranging from $5-$30 million to better ensure the proper growth and profit schedule. If we decide to embark in a joint venture for larger properties it is only because we believe our years of experience will help us make the most money possible from the venture and maximize your investment.

More About Landwin LLC

Property Contract Checking For over 30 years Landwin has helped investors find the right commercial real estate opportunities for clients of all ages and backgrounds. We believe in honest services done right and work closely with all of our investors to ensure that any questions or concerns they’re having are swiftly taken care of.

While we offer multiple types of investment opportunities our limited liability protection services are the best option if you are new to commercial real estate or are looking for a safe way to maximize your earnings.

If you’re interested in learning more about commercial investment opportunities or would like to speak with one of our employees please call us today at 818-783-4343. We’re here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have or to help get you started.

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