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While navigating commercial real estate can be a tricky enough process on its’ own, the fact of the matter is that figuring out the various tax laws and regulations can make it daunting to potential investors to finally take the plunge. Knowing the right rules and laws is a great way to help you set up a commercial investment with a property that you can enjoy a regular monthly income without the high tax costs or fees. This blog will go over various ways a commercial property helps you create a monthly income while protecting it from exceedingly high tax costs.

What is a Tax-sheltered Annuity?

First off it’s important to understand just what a tax-sheltered annuity is and how it relates to your investments. A tax-sheltered annuity (TSA) is a retirement savings plan that allows people to invest pretax dollars into building a retirement income. These are designed to provide investors with consistent payouts and act as a reliable source of income when you are retired. One area that helps you maximize your retirement income is in commercial real estate investing. These opportunities are consistently considered one of the safest investments you can make with various protections and tax-breaks helping you to see a large return on investment without the high risks often associated with other investing markets or real estate properties.

Investing in Rental Property in Your IRA

One great option for increasing your monthly income while protecting yourself from taxes is using your IRA to purchase the property. When your IRA purchases and owns the property then it automatically receives the rental payments and also pays for any and all expenses. This is an extremely popular method for investors as it helps them build towards their retirement and when the property appreciates in value your IRA can sell it. The sale earnings that occur in your IRA then grow tax-deferred in your self-directed plan further saving you additional funds and maximizing your investment.

Targeting the Right Markets

Whether you’re new to commercial investing or have experience it’s always important to consider the markets you are investing in. Typically larger markets like Los Angeles and New York City have the biggest, most investment-ready commercial real estate markets you may see better investment opportunities in places like Orange County, Riverside or Brooklyn where investment prices are considerably cheaper. Another thing to take into consideration is that the most successful investors have experience in the market they are investing in. Having the knowledge of what economic or demographic trends can impact the value of a given property is an advantage that will only help you maintain and grow your property’s value.

Maintaining Your Investment

An important way to always ensure that you have a steady monthly income is focusing on maintaining your commercial property. Even just repurposing 10% of your monthly income can help you with upkeep and overall building maintenance. This way you keep overall fees down while preserving and improving the value of your property over the years.

Rental Income

How Landwin Helps You

If you are looking to commercial investments to help you set up a tax-sheltered monthly income then trust the experts at Landwin to help you achieve success. Our staff has decades of experience working closely with clients and properties alike to find the most successful pairings and investment opportunities. We typically only work with small to mid-sized investments to further ensure return on investments though we do occasionally go for larger opportunities that our team sees as simply too good to pass up.

For years we have helped investors protect themselves with our limited liability services and we always understand the important trends of each market we work in. Whether you are looking to invest in commercial real estate through your IRA or you are trying to get into investing for the first time call Landwin today. We are here to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have so call us today and from there we will help you get the most from your investments while protecting you from all of the problems and concerns that can come from trying to go it alone.

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